How Cost-Effective Preformed Thermoplastic Road Marking Really Is?
You have probably heard preformed thermoplastic is one of the most popular cost-effective road marking applications currently. However, how can you know this for sure?

You have probably heard preformed thermoplastic is one of the most popular cost-effective road marking applications currently. However, how can you know this for sure? In a nutshell – raw upfront costs of this road marking method are not as budget-friendly as most people think but they are exceptionally cost-effective in the long term.

When it comes to ongoing maintenance and resistance to heavy use, preformed thermoplastic definitely comes on top. Down below, we are breaking down 4 benefits of this road marking method so you can see yourself how cost-effective or ineffective it really is.

1.   There is no minimum temperature required for the preformed thermoplastic application.

One of the major differences between road line marking paint and preformed thermoplastic road line marking is that the latter doesn’t need a minimum temperature to be applied. Here in the United. Kingdom, we have days where the temperature drops below 5 degrees during the winter.

Whilst road line marking paint can’t be applied at temperatures below 10 degrees, preformed thermoplastic application can be conducted at almost any temperature. No unhappy clients or missed deadlines – woohoo!

What is more, this type of material is ultimately suitable for cold climates as it enables continuous road line marking operations. Otherwise, it would be hardly possible to perform a great deal of work when the temperatures go down below 10 degrees.  

2.   Preformed thermoplastic is easier to apply.

Usually, special applicators and melters are used for applying road marking paint. With preformed thermoplastic line applications, you need no special equipment, which makes the whole process much simpler and more straightforward – no matter whether you are marking car park or road surfaces.

Preformed thermoplastic markings might be a good choice if you are a small business owner who is looking for durable and budget-friendly options. This method provides longevity and doesn’t require expensive equipment for the application.

3.   Preformed thermoplastic is available in a wide range of colours and symbols.

Unlike standard line marking colours, preformed thermoplastic is available in white, blue, red, green, yellow and black colours. On the other hand, you can choose between different specialty symbols TLM provides – stop bars, letters, handicapped signs and turning arrows.

4.   The focus here is on durability.

Here comes the most important benefit of preformed thermoplastic that has a lot to do with cost-effectiveness. Standard paint has to be repainted regularly, while preformed thermoplastic lasts up to 10 times longer.

When repainting regular lines, you have to invest money into stopping traffic and closing car parks. With preformed thermoplastic, you pay more upfront but also save a lot of money on a long-term basis as there are no constant repainting jobs.


Although line painting has its own benefits as well, preformed thermoplastic provides a unique set of advantages. It doesn’t require high temperatures to be applied or expensive equipment, features more resistance to regular wear and tear and provides a great return for investment. If all this convinced you preformed thermoplastic is a long-term cost-effective option, give us a call!

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