How To Remove Graffiti From Almost Any Surface?
Although some people appreciate Banksy and other graffiti artists’ work, the majority of business owners and customers find graffiti unappealing.

Although some people appreciate Banksy and other graffiti artists’ work, the majority of business owners and customers find graffiti unappealing. It doesn’t matter if it is a masterpiece or a basic piece – graffiti makes a poor impression of both business buildings (restaurants, hotels, shops, etc) and private premises.

How do you get rid of this unwanted eyesore that drives away potential customers? How to remove graffiti and improve the visual appearance of your living space?

Types of Graffiti

You can spot different types of graffiti on business buildings. The most basic form of graffiti – tags, take very little time to be completed. This is why most of them appear to be unsightly for passengers and visitors.

Multicoloured, valuable graffiti by highly skilled artists can create impressive pieces but still, can make you seem unprofessional. These are rather complex, take more time to be completed and use way more spray paint.

Either way, removing graffiti - whether it be tags or masterpieces -  can cause you headaches. What is the best way to get rid of them? Graffiti can be relatively simple to create in comparison to what it takes to remove them. Typically, it requires using harsh chemicals that can cause even more damage if not handled properly.

How to Remove Graffiti?

Although it would be best to leave this task to professionals, here are some of the quick fixes you can try.

1. Plastic

Hot, soapy water could work on freshly painted graffiti. If this doesn’t help, use ultra-fine steel wool and dab some penetrating oil to it. Don’t scrub too hard and stay away from paint thinners.

2. Walls

Graffiti drawn over painted walls are quite tricky to remove. It would be best to repaint the surface instead of trying to remove the graffiti. Apply two to three layers of the coat if you are dealing with bright or dark-coloured graffiti.

Use a soft scrubbing brush (not a wired one) and hot, soapy water to remove graffiti in neutral colours and apply one layer of paint if needed.

3. Brickwork

Rough materials such as brickwork are the nastiest to deal with. Paint gets through the surface of bricks and mortar and sneaks into gaps and small holes. Brushes and solvents aren’t of great help here. The only thing that can work is a biodegradable emulsifier, although it takes some skill and deeper knowledge of graffiti to remove them completely.

4. Mailboxes and Lamp Posts

The easiest graffiti to clean are those on mailboxes and lamp posts. All you need is steel wool and very little liquid solvent. Try not to rub the wool too hard if you want to preserve the surface of these objects.


We know how unwelcoming graffiti can be. That’s why we outlined some of the methods you can use to remove this unpleasant surprise from your premises. Act quickly – as soon as you discover graffiti on your building, call professionals to tackle it for you. Contact us for more information about our graffiti removal services.

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