Line Marking Removal - How Does It Work?
Line marking removal is among the most requested services in the UK, including warehouse, car park and road line markings removal.

Line marking removal is among the most requested services inthe UK, including warehouse, car park and road line markings removal. Variousremoval techniques are used, depending on the type of surface. Today, we aregoing to discuss why you might need a line marking removal service, how it works,and who to contact first when a job like this comes up.

Why Line Marking Removal?

Carpark line, warehouse, road and playgroundmarkings, unfortunately, don’t last forever. Over time, no matter thequality of the marking, it will start fading, which is when it also needs to bereplaced. Some markings, such as lanes on roads, need to be regularly maintained, realigned or reoptimized, or removed, then painted again.

Before applying new lines, the old ones should be removed bya specialist. Old markings should be no longer recognisable because, if notremoved, they can confuse road users. Not only should old line markings beproperly and entirely removed, but they should also be removed in aneco-friendly and safe manner, depending on the type of painting and circumstances, which is why it is important that this task is handled by professionals.

4 Line Marking Removal Methods

1. Scarifying

Some line marking removal companies use a ripper to remove oldline markings on the asphalt and uneven concrete surfaces. The ripper can be connected to the dust collector system in order to make the whole processdust-free. The ripper has a tungsten tip, which can grind the asphalt surfaceand easily remove old line markings, but leaves the surface slightly rough.

2. Blacking Out

Mainly used for asphalt surfaces, blacking out means that black line paint is used to cover old line marks (when we use grey paint tocover the lines on the concrete surface, it is called greying out). Blacking out is among the cheapest line marking removal techniques, but it is not along-term solution, because it can become washed out very quickly. As the oldlines start to appear again, they can confuse drivers.

3. Surface Grinding

Before new lines are applied, the old line markings should be removed from the concrete or asphalt by applying the dust-free grindingmethod. In the beginning, it will still be possible to see the contrast between the old and new lines, but, as soon as the water spray treatment is applied,the old lines will become practically invisible, and any remaining subtlecontrasts will soon disappear.

4. Water Blasting

Water blasting or hydroblasting is a method of applying ultra-high water pressure and is used for industrial applications, including line marking removal, surface preparation and hydro demolition. Hydroblasting is definitely the most effective method for line markings removal from concrete, asphalt and block paving surfaces.

However, bear in mind it is not cost-effective when it comesto small surfaces, which is when you might want to consider the burning off orgrinding method. Here at Total Line Marking, we strive to provide the best service and meet our client’s needs (big or small) and budget (again, big or small). You can rest assured we’ll carry out each and every task with minimal disruption and in the safest way possible.


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