No Smoking Beyond This Area – Our Latest Marking Project
One of the latest projects we delivered for our client, King’s College Hospital, inspired us to write this article.

One of the latest projects we delivered for our client, King’s College Hospital, inspired us to write this article. The client wanted us to highlight areas in the hospital setting in which smoking is not allowed. We are masters at line marking, always up for new challenges and it was a pleasure to make this job happen.

 “No smoking” signage is a perfect way to prevent smoking wherever it is dangerous to do so or in areas where it may negatively affect the environment – around schools, hospitals, health centres, care homes, GP surgeries and warehouses to name a few. When floor markings are used, it enhances visual communication by clearly outlining the area and delivering a message that keeps everyone informed.

Smoking in the Workplace and Legal Risks

Studies have shown second hand smoke drastically reduces the quality of indoor air, whether in a bar, restaurant, or in the workplace. The law obliges employers to prevent their employees from smoking in the workplace by taking reasonable steps and making it clear to their staff and customers that smoking in the premises is not allowed.

What’s more, many companies around the UK are now facing legal risks, and some of them have been held liable for not displaying no smoking signs around workplaces and in work vehicles. As an employer, your responsibility is to provide a safe workplace for your employees and adopt smoke-free workplace policies.

Warehouses are among the most dangerous places to work nowadays. With no designated smoking areas, positioned away from the flammable liquids and gases, there is a great chance of causing safety hazards, including fatal explosions. To protect your employers from dangers, you should establish a designated smoking area and clearly state in which areas smoking is not allowed at all. One of the best ways to do so is by marking the areas with signage and lettering.

We can guarantee the outstanding durability of our floor markings – visuals, symbols, text and colours. Depending on the area you want to highlight, we make sure the marking can withstand the traffic, tough industrial environments and perform well in all weather conditions. The anti-slip overlay increases the safety of all passers-by. Our floor markings are low-profile, meaning vehicles and pedestrians can easily move over without getting caught or stumbling upon them.

Benefits of TLM floor markings include:

• Bright colours that can’t be missed
• No smearing or fading away over time
• Low-profile, which prevents tripping or getting caught
• Simple and fast installation


If you want to protect the health of your workers and/or visitors and ensure a cleaner, safer and overall happier workplace and environment for everyone, TLM can provide a range of high-visibility, clear and easy-to-spot and read graphic floor signs. We can also burn off old, faded lines and paint fresh, new signage of your choice. You can choose between a wide range of custom graphics and sizes that suit various types of sites. Contact us now and you’ll receive a quotation within 2 hours, or call/email us if you have any additional questions about our services.

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