Sports Court Markings, MUGAs, and Player Safety Tips…
Let’s talk custom sports court markings! No matter if you are just passionate about sports or you’re playing sports at a pro-level, believe us when we say that you need that sports court on your property properly lined.

After all, without those boundary lines, you’ll never know for sure whether you’ve scored that shot. At Total Line Marking we specialise in all kinds of sports court markings – basketball, tennis, badminton, etc. Here we explain in short how sports court markings can help you get the most out of every game.

Tennis Court Markings

Playing tennis is simply impossible without knowing where the boundary lines are! Simply said – there is no effective tennis court without these lines. Bearing in mind that a non-professional player can serve a ball at 75 km/h, it is quite hard to track its path and remember the exact spot where it hit the ground. So it is totally understandable why playing by the rules is out of the question if there are no boundary lines.

Basketball Court Markings

You need basketball court markings in order to know what shots are worth, but also the ones that aren’t or where to resume the game.Sidelines, baselines, three-point lines, lane lines, foul shot lines – you can’t do without them if you want to play fair!

Badminton Court Markings

Sports court markings are important if you want to make playing badminton an authentic experience as well. Similar to tennis courts, you need short and long service lines when playing badminton to determine which shots went out of bounds and where to serve.

Multi-Use Game Areas

Sports court markings can be found in schools, colleges, sports clubs and sports halls since these lines help the players avoid any confusion when playing different sports. Versatile design, simple installation, and low maintenance – multi-use game areas (MUGAs) are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, not to mention they are super cost-effective and make the best choice if you are short on space.

Total LineMarking uses different-coloured markings to demarcate multi-use game areas, no matter whether it is an outdoor or indoor sports court and no matter the surface – tarmac, rubber crumb, grass or artificial grass. We specialise in all kinds of sports court markings (basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, netball, badminton, pickleball, and futsal courts just to name a few) while we also can maintain your existing sports court(s).


Sports courts need to be marked but, even more importantly –safe. Total Line Markings can ensure all players enjoy a safe environment when engaged in their favourite activities. Our durable surface coatings will make sure the surface is slip-resistant so players can use the court all year round.

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