How to Remove Chewing Gum from Hard Surfaces?

Chewing gum sticks to asphalt, concrete and other hard surfaces like crazy! If you’ve ever stepped in an ugly wad of chewing gum somewhere in public, then you probably had trouble getting it off your shoe.

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4 Super-Easy Techniques For Floor And Surface Cleaning

Have you got your knee pads ready? Well, put them away as you are not going to need any of these for your next floor and surface clean, whether it be inside or outside your home.

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Cleaning Services

Total Line Marking offer an array of cleaning services from Road Sweeper Hire to Ultra High Pressure Hydro Blasting.

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We're Now On Insta & Facebook

We're now on socials so you can keep up to date with pictures and daily activity of the stuff we do! There's some huge jobs in the pipeline so keep a lookout and you might see us on your travels.

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