No Smoking Beyond This Area – Our Latest Marking Project

One of the latest projects we delivered for our client, King’s College Hospital, inspired us to write this article.

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Warehouse Line Marking - Why It Matters

Warehouse line marking is essential if you want to provide an accident-free environment for your employees and other users of the area.

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How to Fix Damaged Car Park Surfaces? Deck Waterproofing Systems Come to the Rescue!

One of the factors that determine the structural integrity of a car park decking is it’s coating. You already know surfaces like this have a lot to handle – de-icing salt, temperature fluctuations, exhaust fumes, heavy weights...and the sad truth is, not every car park can stand this kind of pressure.

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Stay Safe with TLM COVID-19 Distance Markings

The emphasis during the COVID-19 pandemic is on social distancing. Instead of having to isolate ourselves from our loved ones and the rest of the world, it is of great importance to stay responsible and take a step back from them.

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Project Reveal – The Tooley Street Triangle, London

Have you seen The Tooley Street Triangle already? Did the reflective mirrorball catch your eye? How do you like the brightly-colored pavement map and pastel shades of yellow, pink and mint that colour the the central beacon?

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H2O Car Valeting (Lakeside)

Over 1 tonne of paint over 1600sqm was laid across the 3 car parks and the result was one happy customer.

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