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This page is for updates on the whereabouts and activities of Total Line Marking Ltd! We'll keep you posted on the latest work we've completed, the latest jobs and the most recent market info for anyone interested. This includes all of the following: line marking, road marking, hydroblasting, jet wash hire, line marking removal, pothole repairs, property maintenance, road sweeper hire, school playground markings, tarmac surfacing, pothole repairs and more...

Stay Safe with TLM COVID-19 Distance Markings

The emphasis during the COVID-19 pandemic is on social distancing. Instead of having to isolate ourselves from our loved ones and the rest of the world, it is of great importance to stay responsible and take a step back from them.

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The Daily Mile – a 15-Minute Program that Can Improve Kids’ Physical and Mental Wellbeing

The Daily Mile is a simple, fully-inclusive initiative when kids jog or run during their lesson time or when the teacher finds it most suitable. This concept dates from 2012 when St Ninians Primary School (Scotland) implemented it as a method of helping their pupils get fitter.

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Project Reveal – The Tooley Street Triangle, London

Have you seen The Tooley Street Triangle already? Did the reflective mirrorball catch your eye? How do you like the brightly-colored pavement map and pastel shades of yellow, pink and mint that colour the the central beacon?

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How To Repair A Pothole In Asphalt, Gravel And Cement Driveways?

Not only are asphalt potholes ugly but they are also dangerous. It is extremely important to repair a pothole as soon as it starts forming.

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4 Super-Easy Techniques For Floor And Surface Cleaning

Have you got your knee pads ready? Well, put them away as you are not going to need any of these for your next floor and surface clean, whether it be inside or outside your home.

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Printed Water - Greenwich

Printed Water by HATO for the o2 in Greenwich.

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H2O Car Valeting (Lakeside)

Over 1 tonne of paint over 1600sqm was laid across the 3 car parks and the result was one happy customer.

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How To Remove Graffiti From Almost Any Surface?

Although some people appreciate Banksy and other graffiti artists’ work, the majority of business owners and customers find graffiti unappealing.

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The o2 Arena, Greenwich - Line Painting

"Vibrant colours and extravagant designs to make the area more aesthetic" was the description.

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How Cost-Effective Preformed Thermoplastic Road Marking Really Is?

You have probably heard preformed thermoplastic is one of the most popular cost-effective road marking applications currently. However, how can you know this for sure?

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Cleaning Services

Total Line Marking offer an array of cleaning services from Road Sweeper Hire to Ultra High Pressure Hydro Blasting.

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Single Pack Epoxy Traffic Paint

Single Pack Epoxy is the most commonly used paint when using our paint machines. It's a solvent based 1 part paint that takes around an hour to dry, depending on weather conditions.

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Preformed Thermoplastic

Preformed thermoplastic is a durable road marking system where thermoplastic symbols and legends are supplied in their final form and shape ready to be applied.

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MMA Cold Plastic Road Marking

Methyl-Methacrylate, abbreviated as MMA, is a cold plastic technology that is resistant to the heat and cold.

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Hot applied and best suited to tarmac surfaces, it can be used on concrete but should have a tack coat (primer) applied first to offer greater adhesion.

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We're Now On Insta & Facebook

We're now on socials so you can keep up to date with pictures and daily activity of the stuff we do! There's some huge jobs in the pipeline so keep a lookout and you might see us on your travels.

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