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Road Sweeper Hire - Why Would You Need One And How To Book It?

Maintain clean access roads & car parks with road sweeper hire. Choose the right type for your needs. Contact Total Line Marking for custom hire plans.

A Sweeping Introduction... ;-)

You have likely seen road sweepers diligently cleaning streets during your early morning commute. These machines are commonly used by local councils to maintain public roads. However, commercial property owners are increasingly hiring road sweepers to care for their own access roads and private roadways. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for hiring a road sweeper and how to go about it.

Why Hire a Road Sweeper?

Hiring a road sweeper can help you maintain clean and safe car parks, runways, site roads, driveways, and other access roads, both public and commercial. Road sweepers effectively capture dust and debris using air and water. We will explore the different types of road sweepers and how they work in the following section.

How Does a Road Sweeper Work?

Road sweepers come in several varieties, including conventional, vacuum/suction, mulching fan, clean fan suction, and regenerative air sweepers, each of which operates differently.

Conventional road sweeper: Equipped with water jets, two spinning brushes at the front, and a cylindrical brush, this sweeper is designed to scrub the dirt away and transfer it into a storage container. It works best on large surfaces with significant dust and debris buildup.

Vacuum sweeper: Offers varying levels of suction power, making it suitable for cleaning different types of surfaces. Alternatively, you can use a multi-purpose road sweeper with attachments such as snow ploughs and mower blades.

Clean fan suction sweeper: Best suited for dealing with hazardous materials, this machine compresses them using air and water.

Regenerative air sweeper: Ideal for surfaces with numerous holes and cracks, this machine uses air to loosen dirt, traps it in the rear, and sprays water over it to prevent escape. Meanwhile, the air is filtered and reused in the next section.

Additional Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Road Sweeper

The Type of Paving Surface

Road sweepers can clean asphalt, concrete, and rubber surfaces. Before hiring one, understand the unique requirements of the surface you want to clean or consult a road sweeper hire a company to develop the best cleaning plan together.

Your Cleaning Requirements

Consider how often you plan to use a road sweeper, the type of debris it will encounter, and the daily amount of debris to be cleaned.

How Fast Can a Road Sweeper Go?

Most road sweepers operate between 3 and 7 mph, while the latest, more advanced models can reach speeds of 60 mph.


Hiring a road sweeper allows you to maintain your working area, eliminate dirt and debris, and create a more pleasant environment for your employees. If you are interested in road sweeper hire, Total Line Marking can help! With us, you can hire a road sweeper long-term (minimum one year for a mini road sweeper) or on an as-needed basis before and after work is carried out. Contact us today and hire one of our sweepers, ready for any cleaning task.

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