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Project Reveal - The Tooley Street Triangle, London

Discover the vibrant Tooley Street Triangle, a unique wayfinding beacon in London. Learn about TLM's role in creating an artistic, durable, and informative streetscape.

Project Introduction

Have you seen The Tooley Street Triangle already? Did the reflective mirrorball catch your eye? How do you like the brightly-coloured pavement map and pastel shades of yellow, pink, and mint that colour the central beacon? The Tooley Street Triangle is an eye-catching beacon located vis-a-vis London Bridge Station. It's become the talk of the town since it was unveiled a few weeks ago. Playful, enjoyable, and inviting, this wayfinding post stands proudly in the bustling area where Londoners and visitors walk and interact.

A Unique Scale Map in London

The main purpose of this project is not just to create an artistic and inviting space; the beacon also provides wayfinding information and interesting facts about the local history and famous landmarks around London. The scale map spread across the pavement painted by TLM really adds a unique touch, as this can't be found anywhere else in London!

Tooley Street Art Project outside London Bridge Station

The Origins of the Tooley Street Triangle Project

This idea was conceived back in 2018 when the London Festival of Architecture and Team London Bridge organised a design competition - Charles Holland Architects won! Although the deadline for the project was April 2020, COVID-19 delayed the installation until July 2020.

Benefits of the Tooley Street Triangle

Not only does this structure provide guidance to Londoners and visitors, but it also draws them away from the city noise, busy main roads, exhaust gases, and pollution. If you are heading towards Guy's Hospital, you can avoid exposure to pollutants by 50% if you take this alternative route.

Partnerships and Contributions to the Tooley Street Triangle

Numerous partners and stakeholders took part in this creative project. Total Line Marking is proud to announce we were one of the subjects who have been involved in transforming a dull traffic island into an astonishing streetscape. We specialise in providing top-class line marking, surfacing, cleaning, and decorative solutions. This was recognised by Team London Bridge and Charles Holland Architects who hired us for this project. It was a big honour but an even greater responsibility to work with one of the best architecture and design studios in Great Britain, for arguably one of the most historically famous cities in the world.

Tooley Street Art Project outside London Bridge Station

The Materials and Techniques Used in the Tooley Street Triangle

They provided designs, and we turned them into a piece of art. The materials used were single-pack epoxy. Single-pack epoxy is the best paint when it comes to complex outdoor markings that incorporate lots of different colours. It is resistant to corrosion and withstands adverse climatic conditions. We also provide anti-slip options which were incorporated on this project. This way, we ensured the durability of a colourful life-size pavement map surrounding the Tooley Street Triangle. The map directs followers towards the most famous landmarks across London – Borough Market, Tower Bridge, and the Thames.

We hope you will remember us the next time you pass the Tooley Triangle by. Yet, we are pretty sure you will spot more of our projects all around the town in the near future. If you are interested in working with a professional, passionate, and dedicated road marking team, request a quote or give us a call.

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