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How To Safely Remove Road Markings

Discover efficient methods like hydroblasting, scabbling, and burning off for safe road marking removal. Preserve surfaces while preparing for new markings.

Road Marking Removal

Road markings are vital on our roads. They point out important areas, such as those where we need to slow down or where we can't park. But over time, road markings tend to become less visible, which is why you might want to remove them and paint new ones.

However, you should take care not to damage the surface underneath when removing road lines, car parking lines, racing circuit paint, airfield, and other markings. If you are looking for ways to remove the paint and preserve the surface at the same time, familiarise yourself with the most efficient, effective, and affordable techniques that can provide the best results.


Hydroblasting is a safe and fast road marking removal method. A powerful, 40,000 PSI pump removes markings and debris without damaging the surface below. This method is eco-friendly because the vacuum draws excess water and waste into a separate tank so you can rest assured no waste will be spread over the area. Also, hydroblasting doesn't use harsh chemicals that can damage the asphalt or that are dangerous to breathe in.

Hydroblasting requires relatively low water consumption, and it is one of the most cost-effective and reliable line removal techniques. We use the highest quality machines that can remove approximately 1,000m² of oil/rubber/thermoplastic/paint per hour.


Removing lines from concrete can be a bit tricky if you don't know which method to use. Scabbling is a proven method that can remove heavy coatings with ease, make the surface as smooth as possible, and prepare it for further processing. We use the best scabbler machines that ensure a dust- and fume-free experience. Scabbling is the best option for removing lines from smaller concrete areas where using larger equipment would be unnecessary or costly.

Also, it works wonders with bulkier markings in car parks, on pathways, or at crossings that can pose a threat to pedestrians or motorists. It would be best to try other methods (such as hydroblasting) for fragile and thin surfaces to prevent scarring and damage.

Burning Off

Burning off is a line removal technique that uses heat in the form of compressed air delivered at a very high temperature. If you need the work done swiftly, without causing disruption to traffic, this traditional method may be most suitable. Note that removing lines this way can be noisy, but the speed at which the task can be done is amazing, so you probably won't mind the noise. Burning off works best on tarmac surfaces.

Photo of someone burning off a white line from a tarmac surface


If you want to remove old line markings and prepare the surface for new ones, you should be super careful to smooth out the area without damaging it. We specialize in line markings but also line removal. The only right way to safely remove road markings is to ensure a safe working environment and use the best technologies, equipment, and machines. Please don't hesitate to contact us, and someone from our knowledgeable team will handle your request and answer your questions.

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