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How To Fix Damaged Car Park Surfaces

Car park decking systems offer easy application & maintenance for refurbishments or new builds. Contact us for waterproofing & surfacing solutions assistance.

Any car park should meet three criteria – be durable, reliably protected, and cost-efficient.

One of the factors that determine the structural integrity of a car park decking is its coating. You already know surfaces like this have a lot to handle – de-icing salt, temperature fluctuations, exhaust fumes, heavy weights...and the sad truth is, not every car park can stand this kind of pressure. We are going deeper into this topic today and discussing systems that can also prevent cracks and splits.

Photo of a new shiny car park surface

Why Are Car Parks and Parking Decks So Important?

Let's say you run a business. That means many clients/customers will drop by for a meeting on a regular basis. Before setting foot inside your premises, they will have to stop at the car park.

Admit it or not, every time you get out of your car, you look down and check out the flooring. If you want to make a good impression, take care of your car park by making this space look and feel clean and welcoming, so your clients don't mind leaving one of their most valuable assets, their cars, there.

How Do Car Parks Get Damaged?

Most people think concrete is practically indestructible. However, we often forget about the considerable stress placed on it. Each car weighs, on average, a tonne and vans weigh even more. It doesn't matter if these cars are in motion or stationary, this weight puts pressure on concrete and weakens it over time.

Other damaging factors, including lubricants and fluids, UV radiation, and weather conditions (temperature changes, ice, snow, wind, and rain) can reduce the lifespan of any car park. This makes concrete deteriorate and lose its integrity and safety, become porous, and develop cracks.

There is a way to make concrete more durable. If you layer it with a protective, waterproof coating, you will make it more sustainable and improve its structure in the long run.

What Are Car Park Decking Systems?

Car park decking systems have been designed with a clear goal – to reduce tyre squeal, improve the visual appearance, and meet the latest car park safety requirements. These systems are available in a plethora of colours and finishes, which makes them not only functional but attractive at the same time. You can rest assured these will leave a welcoming impression on your visitors. Hard-wearing, long-lasting, anti-skid, and waterproof; a car park decking system can improve any parking structure's integrity.

The application of these systems requires very little effort and can be done within a short time span. On average, it takes 30 minutes to apply the coating, and it is applicable almost all year round, even in low temperatures (but not lower than -5°C).

Total Line Marking experts can handle both small and large car park decking projects and find a solution with almost every substrate surface, including failed asphalt. We conduct our projects with minimal disruption, so car parks usually remain open during installation, produce only minimal waste, and use reliable Triflex products to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.


Easy to apply and maintain, car park decking systems make a great choice for either refurbishments, failed asphalt overlays, or new builds. If you have any questions about car park deck waterproofing and surfacing solutions, feel free to contact us anytime. Someone from our friendly team will respond to your request and answer all your questions.

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