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A 15-Minute Program That Can Improve Kids' Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Implement the Daily Mile for kids' wellbeing with Total Line Marking's tailored, engaging tracks, promoting health and social bonding in schools.

What's The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is a simple, fully-inclusive initiative where kids jog or run during their lesson time or when the teacher finds it most suitable. This concept dates from 2012 when St Ninians Primary School (Scotland) implemented it as a method of helping their pupils get fitter.

More than 12,000 schools and nurseries or 2,310,000 children take part in the Daily Mile, which has been implemented in the UK's 2018 Childhood Obesity Strategy as well. Today, children from 79 countries around the world (UK, Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales among the top 5) are running a mile per day. The awareness of educational institutions on this topic is expanding, and the Daily Mile community is constantly growing.

Photo of a school running track

Total Line Marking Running Tracks

One of the challenges for schools interested in implementing this program is the lack of space. That's where Total Line Marking jumps in. We have the experience, flair, imagination, and a myriad of ideas on how to mark and shape almost any space into playful daily mile tracks for kids around the UK. If the lack of ground is your major issue, we will create several smaller tracks and laps that are as functional as the bigger ones.

With us, you can choose between a wide range of playground marking designs and colours. Some of the themes we can create include mazes, footprints, grids, roadways, phonics, courts, and many more. We can design bespoke thermoplastic themes to match your school ethos and branding and visually enhance the area. TLM playground markings are sustainable, hard-wearing, vibrant, non-toxic, and weather-proof. Daily mile tracks we create are anti-slip and ideal for use all year round.

You can choose between different types of surfaces, such as rubber mulch and gravel mix (eco-friendly, colourful, and highly durable), attractive wetpour, acrylic coatings, and artificial grass. If the area has drainage issues, our skilled team can come up with effective playground painting solutions as well.

We can also create the tracks off-site and install them at whatever time is most suitable for you so it doesn't disrupt the school day and regular school activities. If needed, we can remove old markings and prepare the area using the safest cleaning solutions and high-pressure hot water jets.


Running or jogging promotes better physical and mental well-being, while group activities promote social acceptance and bonding between yearlings. TLM playground markings can encourage children of all levels and abilities to participate in these physical activities for the sake of their health. Contact us anytime, and we will adapt the daily mile track to match your school theme and deliver a unique and bespoke project both kids and teachers will love!

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