Warehouse Line Marking - Why It Matters
Warehouse line marking is essential if you want to provide an accident-free environment for your employees and other users of the area.

Warehouse line marking is essential if you want to provide an accident-free environment for your employees and other users of the area. It is also a legal requirement to separate pedestrians and vehicle areas. With people and equipment circulating through your warehouse all day long, it is a must to visually warn everyone of hazards. Line marking warehouses is a matter of safety and it is a complex job only experienced line marking companies like Total Line Marking can perform. Today, we are talking in-depth about warehouse floor line marking and things you should know about this important task.

The Importance of Warehouse Line Marking

Line marking is crucial if you want to ensure the safety of people in and around your warehouse as well as under dangerous equipment and buffer zones. This involves clearly designating pedestrian and traffic areas and preventing people from stopping in critical areas.

Warehouse Line Marking – Things to Consider

1. Traffic Levels

You should determine your traffic levels before performing any work. There is light and heavy traffic.

• Light traffic: foot traffic, with no forklifts, trucks and pallet jacks.
• Medium traffic: regular foot traffic, occasional forklift, and pallet jack traffic in areas that rarely come into contact with water.
• Heavy traffic: constant foot, forklift, car, pallet jack and class 2+ traffic
• Extreme traffic: constant forklift, cart and class 4+ traffic.

2. Materials

Paint is the most affordable material and typically makes a good choice for light traffic areas. You can use paint for medium traffic areas, but epoxy solutions work as well. Although more expensive, epoxy solutions are most suitable for medium to extreme traffic solutions. Alternatively, you can use traffic marking tape that’s more affordable and easier to install than epoxy and suits all types of traffic areas.

3. Preparation

Preparing the surface will make your warehouse line marking last longer. This includes eliminating dirt, oils and the top layer of concrete using solvents, applying sealers, shot blasting and shaving the surface to which you want to apply the paint/epoxy.

Employee Training

Don’t forget to train your current employees, as well as those you hire in the future, about the safety line marking in your warehouse so they can get a clear understanding of critical areas. Sometimes, employees forget the safety rules when around heavy machinery and new equipment and, unintentionally, cause accidents in the workplace. That’s why it would be best to organise trainings at regular intervals.


Keeping your employees safe and investing in their health and wellbeing is one of the best decisions you can make, not least to make sure you are complying with the law. Warehouse line marking should be a top priority. Hire Total Line Marking, a team of line marking professionals, if you want to highlight areas where people can get hurt, machines and vehicles damaged and alleviate risks by almost 100%. We have years of experience in warehouse line marking, use top-quality products and equipment, and apply smart solutions, which all result in a high level of customer satisfaction. Request a quotation today we will handle your request within no more than 2 hours, guaranteed.

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